Telehandlers Reading – MJC

Telehandlers, also known as tele-handlers, are an essential piece of equipment if you are working in the agricultural or construction industry. The machine itself is used to lift heavy items as it combines the properties of a forklift and a crane.

Here at MJC we provide the option of renting our telehandlers out daily or weekly, as well as providing the option of buying a used or new telehandler if you need a longer term option. Working in the Reading area, we are proud of the impressive reputation we have created for ourselves there, as well as the vast customer base that we have managed to build. We have a wide selection of telehandlers in Reading that can be used for different purposes depending on what you would like to use it for, and the maximum weight capacity needed.

Telescopic Forklift Reading

A telescopic forklift is similar to a standard forklift, but has the extra benefit of being able to reach greater heights much further away. Our telescopic forklifts can be used for many various things as the boom be equipped with a selection of different attachments such as a bucket, pallet, lift table, fork or muck grab.

These allow the piece of equipment to carry out a number of jobs that a standard fork lift wouldn’t be able to do. For more information on our telescopic forklifts in Reading, look no further than us here at MJC Systems. For more information call us today on 01235 767 717 to speak to a member of our friendly and helpful team today.