Essential Forklift Maintenance Guide

Keeping our hire forklifts in great working condition is our top priority, because we want to guarantee you efficient use and the best level of safety. We understand that a reliable forklift fleet, or even just the one machine, is absolutely paramount to keeping your business moving, so we’re sharing our guide for forklift maintenance which we adhere to very closely. Here is how we maintain our hire forklifts and how you can improve safe use too.

Complete inspection before and after use

Whenever one of our forklifts for hire in Swindon is returned to us, we thoroughly check them over regardless of whether they were a fleet rental or just one or two machines. This ensures that they are kept in the best working condition and haven’t been overloaded or compromised. This includes wear and tear after use.

Allowing time for maintenance

As part of our essential forklift maintenance, we allow time to conduct any repairs and fixes should they arise. If something has occurred that will affect the performance or safety of our rental forklifts, we of course perform the maintenance needed to bring them back into their optimum working condition. This isn’t just to ensure our machines continue to work, but to also contribute to the safe operation and use of them by members of your team.

Preventative maintenance

We don’t just wait for our hire forklifts to falter before we perform maintenance. As part of our promise to our customers, we strive to maintain the best working condition our forklift fleet. This means performing preventative maintenance too, fixing the everyday wear and tear before it can develop into something that needs a little more attention.

Operator training

Here begins where you can influence the proper maintenance of forklifts: operator training. Make sure your team are acquainted with our machines and are fully trained in using forklifts before they begin to use them in the warehouse. This ensures safety in the workplace, something we are very attentive to.

Using trusted equipment

Another thing you can do to streamline your warehouse operation, construction, or loading area is by using trusted equipment. Finding a reputable source with reputable machinery is another way of ensuring your team’s safety and an efficient working day. Our forklift hire services in Swindon and Oxford offer industry-leading forklifts suitable for different terrains and uses, so you know where to come for your forklifts for hire.

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