Deciding Whether to Buy or Hire Fork Lifts?

In recent years, we have seen an increase in long term forklift hire. Whereas, traditionally, forklift hire was typically for a few days or weeks, it is now possible to hire them long term. This makes forklift hire a worthwhile alternative to buying, and each option has its own benefits.

One clear advantage that renting offers is the easy payment system, there is no upfront lump sum, but just regular payments depending on your hire basis, daily, weekly or monthly. There are also no additional costs for maintenance, which makes business budgeting much simpler.

For growing businesses, hiring forklifts offer a lot of flexibility. When business needs change, the option to switch to an alternative model can be very useful. Of course, in this economic climate the same applies to those companies that may need to make financial cut backs or find themselves with excess machines. The flexibility hiring offers provides a good level of business and financial security as well as peace of mind.

However, buying forklifts has one major key benefit – cost. In most cases, it is cheaper to buy rather than rent long term and many companies now offer used forklifts at a slightly cheaper rate. However, the potential costs of damages and maintenance should also be considered. If a business uses their forklifts for most hours of the day, additional costs can work out very expensive when considering the time that the forklifts and workers will be out of action.

Here at M J C Services we understand that deciding whether to buy or hire can be a daunting decision and the circumstances of the company need to be factored. Many small businesses and those that will keep them in operation throughout the day may opt for hire, whereas companies that need light use, buying may be a more financially viable solution.

We realise that buying a fork lift is not always an option and with many options available from daily hire to long term hire to buying new or used, we’re sure we can find the solution for you. For more information about forklift hire in Reading contact us on: 01235 767 717 or contact us here.