Forklift Hire From MJC: What Makes Us Different?

Whether you work in construction or production, if you’re thinking about utilising forklifts to improve the efficiency of your workplace then it’s important you that you go to the right people. Forklifts, telehandlers and trailers are fantastic resources for a wide variety of industries but it’s essential that the equipment you hire or buy is properly suited for its intended purpose.

Valuable Advice from Experts

Unfortunately, if you end up with a forklift that doesn’t meet your practical needs you’ll find that it can actually make process in the workplace more time consuming and dangerous. Here at MJC we’re the experts when it comes to forklifts and we can offer you honest and valuable advice to ensure you receive equipment that fulfils your requirements and falls within your budget.

Our experienced team have a wealth of knowledge and are always more than happy to help with any queries that you may have.

Quality & Well-Maintained Equipment

Safety in the workplace will, of course, be a primary concern and here at MJC your priorities are our priorities. We ensure that our vehicles and equipment are fully maintained and consistently meet our exceptionally high standards; you can rest assured that you will receive equipment quickly and in exemplary condition.

Buy or Hire?

Every business is different which means that buying won’t be right for everyone but similarly, hiring would be a poor decision for others. Ultimately, the choice between buying and hiring a forklift depends entirely on your needs and on your finances.

Hiring is a great choice for businesses with a short term need for equipment whereas buying a forklift could be the better choice for a company looking to improve resources on a long term basis. If you’re unsure about which is the right choice for you, we’d be happy to offer our valuable advice.
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