How to Improve Safety in the Workplace

As an employer it’s your responsibility to provide a comfortable and safe working environment free of any dangers for all of your employees. Different workplaces, of course, require different health and safety measures; if you are charged with health and safety in a factory, a warehouse or a construction site for example, you will have very different health and safety procedures in place to an office environment.

Here at MJC we specialise in forklift hire in Reading and as a result, we understand the vital importance of health and safety in working environments such as a warehouse. We’ve put together some helpful tips to improve your workplace safety:

Training First

It’s essential that all employees receive full training in every aspect of their job role. This training should cover everything from the correct posture for lifting heavy items to operating heavy machinery in the workplace. Without full and proper training, your employees will be at risk.

Regular Reminders

You should put up posters around the workplace reminding your employees of the relevant health and safety regulations that must be adhered to at all times.  For example, if a certain area of your workplace requires protective clothing to be worn, this should be made clear and apparent at all times for all employees to see.

Know the Regulations

For you to provide a safe working environment for your employees it is important that you are aware of all of the necessary regulations that your workplace should be abiding by. The regulations are usually simple and easy to adhere to so be sure to take the necessary steps to know the relevant regulations inside out.

At MJC we provide high quality forklifts for hire on a long and short term basis for your convenience; however, as with any machinery it’s vital that the person operating it is fully trained in accordance with health and safety regulations.

If you’re looking to hire a forklift to benefit your business, why not visit our site for more information or contact us directly if you have any questions?