How to: Survive a Forklift Accident

When you are using a forklift you should be aware that if not used as they should, they can be highly dangerous machines. Therefore you should always handle them with care especially for your own safety as well as others around you. However, from time to time accidents will happen that are out of your control and we at MJC Services know that the best way to deal with the situation is to be aware of how to act when it occurs:

1. You should always wear a seatbelt when operating a forklift in case the vehicle tips over. However, if this happens and you are not buckled up there are a few tips to help keep you as safe as possible. Lean away from whichever direction the forklift is falling as this way you will avoid having any limbs caught underneath. This will also attempt to counter-balance the machine and you may be able to get it back on all four wheels.

2. To try to stay in your seat use your feet. If you feel the vehicle tipping then staying in your seat is a priority. By pushing down with your feet you will also push yourself back into the seat and whilst being as rigid as you can you may be able to retain your position. This will reduce the risk of injury and by staying in control you may also decrease the amount of damage caused to the forklift itself.

3. Hold on to the steering wheel or any other part that is in the vehicle that is stable as this will also help you to keep your balance and stay in control. You may then be able to direct the vehicle away from any obstacle that could cause significant damage.

It is important to remember to always buckle up when you operate a forklift but in the event of an accident these tips will help to reduce the risk of injury.

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