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Safety Tips for Using Forklift Trucks

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Recent statistics have revealed that there are 400 major injuries caused by forklifts within the UK per year. Unfortunately, this equates to at least one person getting injured per day as a result of a forklift. A lot of these accidents can be prevented if the right training is provided before a fork lift is used. This why here at MJC, we’ve compiled these safety tips for forklift trucks Swindon.

Before Using:

The checks you make before using the forklift could make the difference between you or someone in your factory becoming seriously injured. For this reason, it’s extremely important to check all areas of the forklift before getting in and turning the key in the ignition.

It’s advisable to check for any loose parts or faults which could potentially cause injury. If possible, you should also check the brakes, lights and that the back-up alarm is working correctly.


A forklift, although not as powerful as your family car or the used trucks in your business’ fleet, should be treated with the same respect. This includes wearing the seatbelt whilst driving the machine and preventing unauthorised drivers from getting behind the wheel.

As you would when driving your car around the High Street, watch out for pedestrians, give way at any junctions in your factory and if you need to let people know you’re there, (such as when going through doors or reversing) use your horn.


If a forklift is being used in the area that you’re working within, make sure never to walk under raised forks and never stand on the forks themselves.

Whilst we here at MJC can provide you with the forklift trucks Swindon and advice on how to use the appliance safely, it’s down to you as the driver to prevent accidents occurring. If you’d like more safety advice please contact us via 01235 767717.

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