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What Does a Forklift Hire Contract Include?

Monday, May 16th, 2011

It is important with any contract to know what you are signing, and a forklift contract is no exception. Every contract is different, so the one piece of advice that the team at MJC Services would offer, is that you read the small print. At MJC Services we go through the contract with our customers highlighting what our contract entails. This gives our customers valuable peace of mind and important information regarding their policy. If you are considering the advantages of forklift hire Reading then it is strongly advised that you go through the contract before you sign.

As professionals dealing with forklift hire day in and day out, we understand what a good quality contract should include. As such, we have listed key features that a forklift hire contract should include. This varies as the type and length of contracts available often differs considerably.

Firstly, a forklift hire company should carry out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment they are leasing out. This is a thorough examination which adheres to the strict Health and Safety regulations of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

The LOLER state that the lifting equipment, in this instance the forklift, should be sufficiently strong enough and stable enough for the specified task. This is paramount as it ensures the safety of the operator and those in the surrounding vicinity.

If you would like to know more information regarding our forklift hire Reading or the available contracts which we provide, then contact MJC Services. All of our equipment is thoroughly checked, which upholds the strict health and safety regulations and limits any potential hazards occurring. If you would like more information, then please feel free to contact us today. We offer professional and reliable advice which can be obtained by phoning us directly on 01235 767 717 or visiting the contact us page of our website.

Range of Fork Lift Trucks for Hire

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Many businesses working within an industrial environment in which pallets are lifted to and from trucks on a daily basis, machinery is carried through various areas of the factory or heavy stock’s lifted to and from a shelf, might rely heavily on the strength and manoeuvrability of a fork lift Reading. However as with many appliances – from time to time forklifts will require maintenance and repair, making them unusable for a set period of time. In these situations, we here at MJC can provide a range of forklifts on a hire basis.

As the south of England’s largest fork lift hire company, here at MJC we have a fleet of over 300 modern forklifts available to hire for a period of 1 day up to five years. Whatever you require a forklift for and for whatever time period, we’ll be able to provide you with the ideal solution, including:

Counterbalance Forklifts:

These perform in the same way as an everyday forklift truck, but with a counterbalance installed to enable them to lift and carry heavier weights without toppling over.

A counterbalance forklift is the perfect piece of machinery to hire when working in situations in which heavy loads are required to be lifted on a continuous basis, and here at MJC we’re able to provide both electric and rough terrain counterbalance forklifts. These include the Ausa C250H which has a maximum weight of 2.5 and 3 tonnes for the Duplex and Triple models respectively.

Electric Forklifts:

The more eco-friendly option, due to the lack of emissions being discharged by the appliances; electric forklifts are ideal if working within a factory environment. Along with the reduced noise and increased comfort, electric forklifts are ideal when usage is required throughout long periods of the day.

Whatever environment you require a fork lift Reading for, at MJC our professional and friendly staff will be able to provide you with their wealth of knowledge and experience on the individual models we have available to ensure that however long your hiring the appliance for, you get a quality appliance.

The Responsibilities When Hiring a Forklift

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Every so often when working within the construction trade, it is likely that you’ll require the assistance of a particular tool or piece of equipment which you don’t have in your armoury. Instead of popping to your local tool specialists and buying the said tool/piece of equipment (knowing full well that it’ll only be used once in a blue moon); why not contact a tool and equipment specialist and hire the apparatus for as long as you need it? Here at MJC, we’re able to provide forklift Reading and telehandlers for hire for as long as required.

Hiring a forklift is as simple as contacting us here at MJC, informing us of what type of forklift you require and waiting for it to arrive. However, as the hirer there are a number of responsibilities that you’ll be accountable for, all of which can be seen in our terms and conditions. However, below is a snippet of these responsibilities.

Delivery of vehicle:

The first thing that you are responsible for, before the forklift is delivered to your site is to ensure that you have relevant insurance, especially for the day to day usage of said machinery.

Here at MJC we regularly maintain and service our equipment, but it is important that when the forklift arrives on site, you, the hirer, inspect it to ensure that everything is as it should be. If you do for some reason detect a fault, then as part of the rental agreement, you need to inform us immediately and we’ll rectify the situation.

It’s also the responsibility of the hirer to unload the equipment when it arrives and load it onto the removal vehicle at the end of the agreement.

Use of vehicle:

Like cars or motorbikes etc, every forklift is different to operate. It’s therefore your responsibility to ensure that you have been instructed on the safe and proper use of the vehicle you’re hiring. Whilst it is left on your site, it’s also your responsibility to ensure that it isn’t used illegally or by anyone who hasn’t received training or isn’t insured to use the forklift Reading. As long as these conditions are met, you’ll have use of top quality machinery for as long as required.

Electric Fork Lifts Reading

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

It’s true that in many circumstances the very biggest heavy duty forklift is required, such as on construction sites where rough terrain is normal. Here at MJC Services we can easily provide such fork lifts Reading at competitive hire prices, but we’ve also noticed that, occasionally, lighter and less conspicuous versions of these utility vehicles are required. That’s why we provide a market leading range of electric forklifts capable of meeting more specific needs, and many customers are surprised at how useful such tools actually are. There are a number of circumstances wherein electric trucks are far superior to their combustion engine counterparts.

For example, due to the fact that they’re either battery or fuel cell powered, electric fork lifts are very quiet during operation. In indoor environments this is a massive bonus, as it means that lifts can be used constantly in warehouse settings, or even on retail sites, without massive disruption to staff and customers.

If you’re based in or are working in a residential environment, especially during the night, there may be sound pollution regulations to adhere to, which could prevent you from getting on with whatever you have to do. An electric fork lift from the team here at MJC Services represents the ideal solution.

While reduced noise is a huge advantage, many clients choose electric trucks due to their relative eco – friendliness. If you have a commitment to reducing your carbon footprint, either as an individual or as part of your corporate targets then hiring an electric vehicle with zero exhaust fumes (like ours) can help you get your job done without sacrificing your principles.

If you’re looking to hire a fork lift Reading then don’t make the mistake of thinking that only the mainstream combustion trucks are available. Electric alternatives could be more cost effective, safer for your environment and overall more suitable for the task at hand.

Rough Terrain Fork Lifts Reading

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Working on a building site can be a hard time which requires working in all elements and lifting various materials up flights of scaffolding. But there are some materials, which prove too heavy or too impractical to be carried up ladders. In these situations, the use of forklifts Reading become all too attractive, but only if the vehicle is able to live up to the strains of working on uneven and boggy ground. In these situations an industrial fork lift won’t handle to pressure, but fortunately here at MJC we can provide you with a rough terrain forklift.

Here at MJC we’re one of the leading independent providers of fork lifts Reading and through our service we can provide our customers with a range of forklifts and telehandlers from our extensive fleet, including a fantastic array of rough terrain fork lifts.

Our rough terrain fork lifts are suitable to be used in a number of situations and using their large tyres – similar to those found on tractors and other construction site vehicles, they are able to manoeuvre safely and effectively around ground which would otherwise be difficult for industrial fork lifts.

Along with being able to lift heavy goods, from pallets of bricks through to wood for roofing and other materials required on a building site, rough terrain fork lifts are able to tilt their forks forward making it easier to load goods onto various platforms around your construction site. Clearly, this makes it easier for you to get to the materials and complete the job quicker.

We can supply you with fork lifts to hire for as long as required. Whether you’re looking to use rough terrain fork lifts Reading for a day just to carry materials from one part of the site to another, or whether you’ll be requiring the strength and endurance of our fork lifts for longer we have competitive prices and flexible policies to suit.

Benefits of Fork Lift Hire Reading

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

When dealing with large, awkward or heavy goods, manpower alone is often insufficient for the task at hand. Attempting to move such goods without the aid of machinery, may result in loss of valuable time and resources, not to mention presenting a significant health and safety risk. Luckily, there is equipment available to help make the movement of large goods far quicker and easier. A forklift Reading can allow the user to effortlessly transport products to the desired location, without the strain and exertion experienced from manual labour. Here at MJC, we offer a range of fork lift trucks and telehandlers to enable you to complete you tasks with maximum productivity.

Useful within many premises and warehouses, fork lifts will enable you or your business to swiftly move and arrange goods across the site. They are highly useful when organising effective storage, as they contain the power to lift goods to a high level, for more efficient use of space.

Each of our trucks are regularly inspected and serviced, to ensure that when you receive the equipment, it’ll be ready and raring to complete any task which you may require, providing ultimate reliability.

As you’ll have your own specifications as to what purpose and length of time you’ll need your forklift for, we are able to offer an option of varying rental periods, to comply with your needs. Throughout your rental time, full support and help will be provided to assist with any problems you may require.

Our wide range of forklifts allows you to find a vehicle specifically suited to best conduct the job at hand. Whether you need a highly comfortable and economical electric fork lift, or a counterbalance fork lift Reading for heavier loads, we can provide you with the most beneficial machinery for you.

Fork Lift Truck Hire Reading

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

When dealing with the movement of heavy goods, the process can escalate into a timely and labour intensive procedure. Given the correct equipment however, the process needn’t be so difficult or time-consuming. The use of high quality machinery within a warehouse or industrial setting, has the ability to turn mammoth tasks into ones of far more digestible proportions. Here at MJC, we provide fork lift Reading hire, for use within jobs of varying sizes and requirements, for ultimate ease within all transportation of large or awkwardly sized goods.

Within a warehouse, the ability to relocate specific goods is an essential part of its function. Where large goods are unable to be stored elsewhere, warehouses offer a spacious and secure area within which objects can be placed. Therefore, without the ability to easily organise, locate and move such goods, the potential functionality is greatly diminished.

Through hiring such machinery as a fork lift Reading, you’ll be able to make maximum use of the potential which is available to you. As a productive way to move several objects at once, fork lift trucks can increase your productivity, and enable you to invest more time in other areas. They also greatly aid within the overall organisation, effortlessly allowing for storage of goods in higher areas, thus creating more space within your warehouse or premises.

Our range of trucks includes electric forklifts, which prove extremely economical, due to the absence of exhaust fumes. As reliable vehicles, you can rest assured that they won’t let you down for your intended purpose. For more heavy duty work, our counterbalance or industrial forklifts are able to perfectly carry out the job at hand, offering a safe and sturdy means of transporting goods over your site. For more information on our fork lift Reading hire, why not contact us through our online form?

Uses For A Fork Lift Truck Reading

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

In order to have the best chance of securing projects, construction firms must ensure that their workmanship is not only of the very highest standard  but it must be reasonably cost effective too. One way that companies can look to drive down costs, is by cutting out time that is wasted on unnecessary processes. Transporting materials to and around a construction site manually can be both difficult and time-consuming. At MJC we believe that hiring a forklift Reading could help firms to make their projects more efficient.

Fork lift trucks can help building companies to transport bricks, breeze blocks and other items much easier. What’s more, they can also prove to cut down on the number of injuries experienced in the workplace – saving firms further time and money.

In addition to their usage in the construction industry, fork lift trucks are commonly used within warehouses to transport heavy goods. They could boost efficiency considerably by enabling individuals to store goods in higher areas, using the space much more productively.

At MJC we understand that buying heavy duty equipment such as fork lift trucks, isn’t always cost effective. For this reason we can offer fork lift trucks on a long term or a short term rental basis, meaning that whether a business needs a truck for just a day or to help them complete an entire project, we have a suitable solution available.

We offer a vast range of fork lifts in a selection of sizes and varieties, ranging from 1.5 tonne to 10 tonne weight capacities. Prices are very reasonable and start from just £50 for a day or £80 for a week. Firms that could benefit from a fork lift Reading can learn more about the products or place an order by filling out our online enquiry form.

All Terrain Fork Lift Trucks Reading

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Within industrial premises, there is often a need to transport heavy goods from one part of the site to another. This within itself can be a major task, depending on the size, shape and weight of the goods to be moved. In order to complete such jobs safely and efficiently, the services of professional equipment need to be called upon. To buy this machinery would not prove cost-effective to the business, particularly if it is only required occasionally. For these situations, hire companies prove extremely beneficial. Here at MJC Services, we offer fork lift Reading hire for these very occasions, for ultimate ease in otherwise strenuous situations.

There are numerous advantages of fork lift Reading hire. As each business has its own requirements, we make sure to offer flexibility in our hire service, so that you only pay for the exact service which you need. Our vehicles are available on a long and short term basis, and can even be hired by the day for ultimate accessibility. The prices which we offer are also extremely competitive, and the machinery supplied is of the highest standard.

Our Ausa Rough Terrain Forklift C250H and C300H can reach up to 5 metres, and lift 3 tons in weight, providing you with the power needed to transport heavy goods in a safe and controlled manner. We also provide a smaller model for transit of smaller or lighter goods. Throughout the hire process, we’ll also be on hand to provide you with advice and support should you need it.

It’s not by chance that we’re one of the South’s leading independent telehandler and fork lift Reading hire companies. With years of experience providing dedicated customer service and quality equipment, we continue to offer excellent lifting and transportation solutions. Contact us today for expert advice on what vehicles are best suited for your project.