Looking for Forklifts for Hire in Swindon

When working within a warehouse environment or on a construction site, it’s likely that you’ll rely heavily on the uses offered by a forklift. Unfortunately the everyday strain put on such an appliance can cause faults to occur, meaning the appliance needs time in the repair centre. This doesn’t mean that work on site needs to stop, instead you can hire the perfect forklifts Swindon from a professional firm such as our team at MJC.

As the South’s largest independent forklift hire company, we at MJC have a fleet of over 300 machines available to hire for anywhere between one day and five years. We also understand that different situations call for different models, which is why we stock both forklifts which are suitable for use within an industrial setting and those which are ideal to be used outside or on a construction site. Whatever forklift you’re after, we’re guaranteed to have an appliance which suits your needs and requirements.


Counterbalance forklifts have been designed to handle heavier weights without the possibility of tipping like an electric or industrial forklift; this makes them perfect to be used within construction settings. Due to the counterbalance weight within the machine, the user of the forklift is also guaranteed to be safe and have full control over the appliance and goods being moved.


When working within a warehouse or any industrial building there’s a good chance that you’ll be required to move and transport various sized and weighted goods. With the help of an industrial forklift the task of doing so is easier. Here at MJC we also have telescopic forklifts available within our industrial range.

Whatever you need forklifts Swindon for and for whatever time period, by contacting our team here at MJC you’ll be able to hire the perfect appliance at a price which suits your budget. If you’d like more information surrounding our hire services or the terms and conditions, please call us today on 01235 767717.